Black Label™ is the brand name of our metallic cartridge ammunition. We currently offer 300AAC Blackout and 9mm Luger. Why? Because that's what we like shooting and this is a fun side project.

Black Label™ 300AAC Blackout

We're avid shooters like you are, and we love our 300BLK. The problem was we couldn't find reasonably-priced ammunition to feed our rifles. So we made it ourselves. Boy was that a challenge. Supplies of raw materials are still scarce and getting more expensive every day. We worked hard to find deals on the best projectiles and beautifully converted mil-spec Lake City brass. The combination of which was loaded to our exacting standards.

We think you'll agree that these loads deliver performance without draining your bank account.

Black Label™ 9mm Luger

Training for the next competition? You found the right page.

We wanted reasonably-priced but high-quality ammunition to feed our pistols, and we think you do too. So we made some. Check out the selection below; a little something for every competitive shooter...

So how do I order?

Online ordering is temporarily turned off. We will happily accept your orders via phone or email.