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  • 9mm Luger 124gr TMJ
  • 9mm Luger 124gr TMJ
  • 9mm Luger 124gr TMJ

9mm Luger 124gr TMJ

On Sale!

Black Label™

Ready for practice or competition.

These are high-quality range loads utilizing 124gr. X-Treme Bullets Total Metal Jacketed (TMJ) copper-electroplated lead projectiles. To keep costs low we use remanufactured brass on these, but the headstamps are sorted to give you the highest level of consistency from box to box.

The Round Nose (RN) and Flat Point (FP) have been loaded to 1,150 FPS and deliver 364 ft. lbs. of muzzle energy.

The Hollow Point (HP), which is generally regarded as the most accurate X-Treme bullet in this class, has been loaded to 1,090 FPS or 327 ft. lbs.

Sold in a 50-pack. This is lead ammunition using matched-headstamp remanufactured brass.

RN: Round Nose
FP: Flat Point
HP: Hollow Point